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GTXM specialises in helping technology organisations realise the full market potential for their products and services. We develop sales winning capabilities that enable our clients to build market leading positions. We also address the uncertainties that always come with investing in new markets.

Whether you’re a start-up, an established company looking to expand, or preparing for exit, our expertise in sales and tech will give your business the edge.

Realise your ambitions with GTXM.

companies miss revenue targets due to insufficient opportunities
marketing leads
never convert
to sales


B2B decision-makers
think sales reps are unprepared
Sales People
give up after one


A Unified Solution that Gives You the Edge

At some point most growing businesses are faced with the challenge of achieving higher sales, investing in new markets and staying on course during changing market conditions. At these critical moments GTXM is there. We provide vital independent support, expert resources and market insight to help our clients move forward.

Starting with the strategic end in mind, we work closely with you to craft tailored programs, giving you an advantage on the key deals and pushing your brand into new sectors. We assess market potential, create interest with the right influencers, we connect with the real decision makers and we develop qualified opportunities. And if you are overseas we put in place the sales processes that will be key to establishing your brand, turning prospects into revenue and ensuring your sales leaders are in place at the right time, supported and productive.

GTXM allows you to address multiple sales and business development challenges through a single unified solution. We bring together significant expertise in sales and tech with established business development, digital marcomms and lead generation capabilities.

Our approach is proven with leading tech brands and we give you the kind of high level support not offered by task-specific agencies, because we are every bit as committed to your strategic goals, and growth as you are.