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Unique SaaS Partnership

GTXM’s partnership with Synseer aligns strongly with a direction to identify early stage technologies and work with management teams to meet important investment milestones and create value for investors and shareholders.

Andrew Thompson, CEO of Synseer said “We are impressed by the approach and depth of expertise provided by the team at GTXM and look forward to working together, as we build on our early growth”.

Synseer provides a digital decision centre for the shaping and tracking of high value decisions and facilitates remote, smarter and faster working for decisionmakers, their colleagues and customers.

The solution keeps everyone on the same page, builds a permanent record of key decisions, an audit trail of governance processes and is underpinned by a Virtual Assistant to prioritise and focus attention on outcomes. No more herding cats, distracting chat or lost decisions. For more information visit www.synseer.com. 

Terry Sallas, Director and Co-Founder of GTXM said: “We are delighted to be working with the team at Synseer as they move forward to address important valuation milestones.  We are impressed by the market potential for this solution, the value it offers users and are excited about working with the founders to realise its fullest potential.”

For more information, please e-mail info@gtxm.co.uk.

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