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8 Ways to Make Sales Certain

Many external factors can unsteady sales growth, including political and economic uncertainty, as seen by Brexit. Make sales certain through these uncertain times and without significant investment by considering 8 key factors that can help you maintain your focus on what matters.

Are you really focusing on what matters when it comes to Sales?

During uncertain times, organisations can overly focus on the short term. Are new business activities being sustained? Developing prospects ahead of their buying journey reduces missed opportunities and costly no-win bidding. Is your pipeline robust enough to weather the uncertainty or a downturn?

Are you missing new opportunities hiding in plain sight?

Many organisations miss opportunities that can be secured with little investment. Consider how current success can be used to break new sectors, how sales productivity can be increased and how you are adding value and building relations with prospects during longer sales cycles.

Are you selling all your products and services?

How much of your customers wallet are you securing with your eco-system of products? Consider what new services you can provide to existing customers or what other products can be used to break new areas. Are margin rich add-on services being over shadowed by large complex deals?

Are you too dependent on Partners and Resellers?

How much focus is your brand really getting? Most partners focus on what’s important to live deals and targets. Consider which are true joint ventures, providing reciprocal benefit. Are you investing in end users and all channels, communicating your value proposition and creating demand first hand?

Do you have the Insights and Intelligence you need to fight for every deal?

Is actionable intelligence a priority within your sales process? Consider how you obtain the insights, that will help you differentiate, qualify and engage new customers, at the right time? Buyers are savvy and reaching them is hard. When they eventually reach out on tenders, it’s often too late.

Are you adding value to your key Prospects?

If ‘20% of customers are responsible for 80% of revenues’, do you know your next 20%? Longer sales cycles are an opportunity to build insight and relationships. Don’t leave this to busy sales people chasing live deals? Execute intelligent content and contact at the right time.

What is your Pipeline telling you?

Many organisations value quantity over quality? Consider how many sales made it through to close? How many new deals are right fit and realistic? How many prospects will convert to revenue in time to support next year’s target? Have these issues been factored into projections?

Are you focusing on what you can control?

Most businesses are busy considering the external risks and overlooking factors that they can control. Are key customers happy? How stable are your highest performing sales people? What revenues may stall? Are you reaching enough new customers to sustain projections through a downturn?

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