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3 Growth Challenges for Leaders

Leaders have more responsibility than ever to make the most of limited resources and budget and to navigate their business towards growth. We consider three fundamental challenges being faced by businesses when creating new revenues and how GTXM can help.

Maintaining a new business regime

Seasoned leaders are aware that, no matter how you dress it up, revenue targets are missed due to insufficient new opportunities. It’s no coincidence that many businesses fail within five years due to a lack of sales and those that do succeed have successfully placed sales at the heart of everything they do. However, for small and medium sized businesses finding new customers is hard; particularly when time is focused on live deals, satisfying major customers or developing your product or service. Most businesses have the answers, but don’t have the resources to sustain a new business regime.

GTXM will help you identify who your ideal customer is, where to find them and push into and qualify these new markets. We will understand the important market and customer dynamics and give you the intelligence required to make informed bid choices.

Converting real revenue opportunities from leads

Digital marketing innovations are growing faster than any of us can keep up with, we delete countless automated emails daily and within seconds of taking a scripted sales call, are thinking on how to close the call, politely if the caller is lucky. Sound familiar? Consumer trust is decreasing, more people are less trusting of the major technology platforms and buyers (B2B and B2C) are led by choice, experience and price. This all makes building timely dialogue with cold targets tough. There is no silver bullet to this issue and few businesses now have the budget or time for multiple task specific agencies. No single platform (no matter how clever the automation and analytics) will build trust, identify influencers in the shadows or assess an incumbent. At some point personal interaction is needed.

GTXM builds intelligent multi-faceted contact plans that balance digital and person to person engagement to create interest. We ensure your value proposition meets the right customers and their rising standards at the right time.

Expanding UK sales from overseas

Brexit will remain a long debated topic and the various impact scenarios can seem speculative and distant and many investment decisions will be held till a clearer picture emerges. However for many overseas businesses UK revenues will remain a lifeline. That said, no matter how good their products or smart their solutions, many businesses do not have the local infrastructure required to grow beyond a tentative foothold or to extract the wider potential of their UK investment. All the while local competitors are closer to the customers. Whether introducing a new product, establishing sales representation, building your brand or defending it, establishing a strong UK presence takes experience. Understanding local dynamics and creating interest at the right time is essential.

GTXM will help you qualify new sectors, grow current markets and help you on timing investment to get the greatest returns and minimise uncertainty; including when to hire salespeople, through to ensuring success through qualified opportunities and meetings with target decision makers.

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