8 Ways to Make Sales Certain

Many external factors can unsteady sales growth, including political and economic uncertainty, as seen by Brexit. Make sales certain through these uncertain times and without significant investment by considering 8 key factors that can help you maintain your focus on what matters.

Unique SaaS Partnership

GTXM’s partnership with Synseer aligns strongly with a direction to identify early stage technologies and work with management teams to meet important investment milestones and create value for investors and shareholders.

New Opportunities, New Growth

Identifying new opportunities and growth paths are critical to expansion, but this can be a complicated and time-consuming process for many companies. GTXM founders, Terry Sallas and Dan Thomas, inherently understand this through their own experiences and challenges.

3 Growth Challenges for Leaders

Leaders have more responsibility than ever to make the most of limited resources and budget and to navigate their business towards growth. We consider three fundamental challenges being faced by businesses when creating new revenues and how GTXM can help.

Can CRM Systems Help Sales Growth?

A quick google search will reveal all manner of companies promising that their CRM system will do wonders for your sales growth. Sounds tempting, but can it really be true? In this blog article we will help to answer the question: Can a CRM system grow your sales?