Delivering Growth is tough. Many businesses will face difficult circumstances, changing economic conditions and growing pains at some point or another. Whether you need to accelerate growth, are an investor, start-up or preparing for exit GTXM can ensure you keep sales strong and optimise growth ahead of critical phases and milestones.

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overseas business uk marketThe UK is an exciting market full of potential for tech businesses, but it’s also highly competitive and the challenges should not be underestimated.

Whether you are introducing a new product, establishing sales representation, building your brand or defending it, establishing a strong UK presence takes experience. Understanding local dynamics and creating interest at the right time is essential.

Identifying the right markets, customers, opportunities and people through insightful intelligence is vital to mitigating the risks of any new venture and investment.

GTXM supports all aspects of the process helping you to qualify the opportunity, when to hire new salespeople and who will work best; through to ensuring their success through qualified prospects and meetings with key decision makers.

expanding business growthMost businesses need to invest in building new revenues. The challenge lies in balancing this priority with protecting live income streams and nurturing deals that are vital to keeping the lights on.

The danger is that attention to prospects can become tactical and opportunistic, resulting in missed opportunities or costly unqualified bidding, as deals fall off the radar until tender. And all the while competitors are staying close.

GTXM ensures that new offerings get the required sales focus and prospects are matured into to qualified revenue opportunities ahead of the tender process.

Intelligent contact plans ensure your brand is front of mind between first contact and bidding, continuing to qualify and build intelligence to inform bid decisions.

security growthGrowing sales for security products and services in a crowded market where differentiation is hard and buyers are savvy and informed is not easy.

GTXM draws upon forty plus years’ experience working with security, manufacturing, technology, manned services and built environment organisations to grow sales across the UK and EMEA.

Our approach is founded on market insights gained from working with ambitious security brands to create new revenue streams through industry shifts to IP, digital, mobile and cloud.

GTXM offers an industry network that is unsurpassed and an understanding of what and how to sell to key Corporate, Utilities, Criminal Justice, Education and High Security sectors, end users and channels.

Whether you’re a manned services provider establishing tech credentials and sales, an integrator seeking to expand or a technology provider creating interest with end users, GTXM has the strategies and insights that you will need to grow.

tech innovators and start ups business growthTechnology innovation offers exciting growth opportunities and big rewards but realising this potential can be difficult.

Very often, resources are focused on serving important initial contracts and company leaders concentrate on driving forward essential product development. As a result, the equally important task of developing new opportunities, sales expertise and infrastructure can be side-lined.

GTXM will make sure you build the most powerful sales models, identify the best markets to target at each stage of your growth and find the right people to work with on your journey.

This high level focus on sales is vital if you are to capitalise on the strengths of your technology and see your innovations succeed. It is also essential if you are to avoid the pitfalls that hamper many new businesses and secure investment for growth.

GTXM supports all aspects of the process, from qualifying the opportunity and deciding when to hire salespeople through to ensuring their success by creating brand interest with decision makers and influencers.

value for shareholdersDemonstrating strong recurring sales and a credible growth plan are key to increasing value and attracting investment. Investors need assurance on the quality of projections, on market scale, on strong differentiation and solid sales and retention models.

GTXM makes sure that its clients can deliver this. We will help you optimise your sales model and provide the new business focus required to increase certainty. Whether you are an investor, a start-up or preparing for exit GTXM can help build your case and maximise value ahead of critical milestones.