Under the leadership of founders Terry Sallas and Dan Thomas, GTXM is quickly establishing itself as a leading business partner for ambitious tech companies. With over forty years’ experience working hand-in-hand with global technology leaders, start-ups and SME organisations across the UK and EMEA regions, GTXM is building its reputation helping companies to expand.

Enabling ambitious tech businesses to capitalise on shifts in the market – to IP, to digital, to mobile and cloud solutions – has provided a unique insight into the critical success factors essential to growth.

GTXM has a proven sales DNA and a passion for delivering on growth potential. Its core conviction is that aspiring businesses need continual focus on new opportunities, strategic vision and a ‘real’ commitment to developing sales if they are to achieve sustainable growth.


Organisations are rarely short of ambition when it comes to growth however the mark of success is whether those ambitions are achieved. It can be tough and it’s always hard work – but with the right focus on new business the rewards can be huge.

Terry Sallas

I have worked in sales and business development roles at all levels, in large global and small independent technology companies, and I have experienced the difficulties sales leaders face in creating high performing sales teams.

 In GTXM we have created a solution to these problems that enables sales managers, directors and business owners to accelerate and realise their growth ambitions

Dan Thomas

Our Approach

At GTXM we believe in developing focused strategies that build sustainably and deliver the best results.

There are three key principles at the heart of the GTXM ethos:

Our commitment to relationships
We take a lifecycle approach with customers, working as part of the team and delivering the best growth plans, actions and outcomes.

Our focus on recurring growth
We develop bespoke growth programs that use proven sales strategies to create interest, demand and scalable revenue opportunities.

Our results
We only use solutions that give measurable improvements and our KPIs are driven by your strategic priorities.

Our Capabilities

GTXM brings together proven, market leading business-to-business capabilities and customer insight across sales, business development, tech, lead generation, telemarketing, marketing, and marcomms.


Consulting conducted at highest level to assess sales readiness and craft bespoke growth programmes that are grounded by the realities of your market and aligned to your business strategy.


A leading and innovative integrated CRM system allowing us to equip customers with live, accurate and easily digestible reports on the new opportunities that are being created by GTXM.


An impartial and proven methodology to ensure the qualification and management of opportunities through to conversion and to ensure targets and forecasts are met consistently.

Extensive sector leading experience in developing prospects through a non-scripted approach to develop relationships in a diversity of sectors with decision makers ahead of the bidding process.

A proven multi-channel creative capability that engages audiences across many disciplines. Striking, innovative and cost effective marcomms that engage prospects and build brand interest either side of sales contact.

Tailored search solutions to address specialist requirements for overseas and UK businesses expanding their UK sales presence. Executive, interim and special projects in conjunction with a GTXM programme.